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The Fast-Response Water Damage Company in Riverside County You Can Trust

When you discover that your Riverside County home is inundated with water, your first inclination maybe to panic. While this is a natural reaction, your next step should be to contact FullHouse Restoration as your preferred and trusted water damage company. The last thing that you want when you are dealing with flooding or other water issues in your home is to reach an answering service when you call a water damage company for help.

We understand the urgency of the situation, and we always answer our phone regardless of the hour.With 24-hour emergency service available, you are assured that help is on the way when you request assistance from our water remediation experts. In addition to serving Riverside County, we work for clients in San Bernardino County and Imperial County.

Proven Water Damage Remediation Process That Delivers Results

Regardless of whether water damage is confined to a specific room in your home or it is widespread, FullHouse Restoration is the trusted company that you can rely on to deliver essential results.

Our proven remediation process begins with a rapid assessment of the situation by our certified experts. We act quickly to minimize the severity of the damage by using powerful water extraction machines to remove standing water.

Any moist or saturated surfaces could lead to staining, warping, mold growth and other serious issues. We utilize heavy-duty fans and dehumidifiers to quickly lower the humidity level in the home and to hasten the drying out process. Items that cannot be salvaged will be removed, and items that could be restored or salvaged may be relocated to an off-site location until the condition of the home has been restored. This protects your belongings and enables our team to work more efficiently and effectively. Our restoration process also includes cleaning and sanitizing the affected area and preparing relevant documentation for the insurance claims process.

Even a few minutes are crucial when you are dealing with flooding or a water leak in your home. Now is the time to call us for immediate assistance.

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